Bye-Bye Bin Laden!

Dave Perry
Art & Animation Director

Animator Dave Perry is a superb example of the professionals-but-also-educators who supervised the student team that created "Bye-Bye Bin Laden." As the film's Art Director and Animation Director, Perry was in charge of the film's "look."

Dave studied Fine Art at San Jose State University in the late 1980s, then worked as a character animator in the 2-D computer game industry. He worked briefly at Colossal Pictures as an animator for a broadcast commercial product, and began teaching animation and drawing at DeAnza College in 2000. A year later he also started teaching animation and drawing at Cogswell Polytechnic.

Perry served on the 2006 International Jury for Festival Animatu in Portugal. He is the creator of a freeware penciltest program called MonkeyJam used by students, schools and companies, and has also worked as a web design consultant for companies including HP and Agilent.